This section has pictures and comments from previous customers with a Slava Siberian kitten in their home.

We can't love these two any more!

Will my Slava Siberian get along
with my dog? YES!

The face says it all...

I wanted to update you on Kona! She is wonderful! She and our chocolate lab are getting along so well and have become best friends and snuggle buddies. She is so curious and friendly towards everyone! Her coat is so soft and she is up to 6lbs 12oz! Thank you again for such an amazing addition to our family!
~ Lauren and Michael

Our Slava Siberian cat, Bean, helps his owner, Steve, "work"

He's such an awesome cat. Talks all the time... especially when he's trying to figure out how to jump up on something. He isn't afraid of anyone either. Loves playing in tunnels so he has a few of those that he stalks and attacks us and the dogs from. He sleeps in his cat tree throughout the night. I have one in my room and one in the living room. He comes when called (most of the time) and when the dogs get their treat, Bowser will run and jump on the kitchen chair and await for a treat himself!

We got a new puppy and these two have been instant friends.
I love them!!! Meet Rizzo and Luna!
~ Crista

Our Slava Siberian got all dressed up for Halloween!

Wallace is SO tolerable, sweet and we all love him. He knows his name and comes running
whenever I call him and is always waiting by the door when we come home!
~ Emilee

Adventures in the cat tree!

This is Maximus, at 5 months old, getting ready for Christmas!

All tuckered out and resting up for her next round of playtime!
We've had a great experience working with you, and are so incredibly happy with our kitten!
~ Andrea

Our baby is doing absolutely amazing! She is super playful (yet gentle),
so so sweet and just a wonderful kitten. She's the perfect balance of everything
I could have hoped for...
AND she's beautiful, of course.
Thanks again for being the avenue to bring us our precious girl!!!!
Love, love, love her!!! She's purrfect.

Here are a couple pics of Dexter. He is a wonderful pet, we adore him!
He loves our dogs, we have 2 Labradors. They are all best friends.

Here is an update on Princess and share some photos with you.
Brian and I just adore her. She is so, so smart. She plays fetch now!
She is so sweet and patient and so incredibly well behaved. She is silly too and makes us laugh all the time. I have absolutely zero allergies to her, which is incredible. Itís amazing for me to be able to pet her, let her rub her face on me, etc. and have zero issues. Iím so glad I found your website. Thank you for everything.

Here is an excellent example of the Siberian breed!

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