Siberians are a natural breed, which means they are much as they were in the forests of Russia. Most experts agree that the brown tabby is the foundational color and pattern, but through mutations, selective breeding, and outcrosses with other breeds both in the wild and man-made, they can be found in a wide variety of colors. You can also view a short video about the Siberian Breed. Slava Siberians specializes in the traditional brown tabbies and the variants of that color and pattern. We typically have most of the following colors and patterns available:

browntabby brownandwhitetabby

Brown Tabby: Our brown tabbies come in three tabby patterns: classic, mackerel, and spotted. They can be light brown, dark brown, and every shade of brown in between. Can also have reddish overtones that are called rufusing. BB, pictured here, is a rufused light brown mackerel tabby.

Brown and White Tabby: Same the as brown tabby, except also carries white gene from at least one parent. Typically, a cat will have white paws, feet, chest, and tummy. Amarisss, pictured here, is high white and has a spotted tabby pattern.

brownpatchedtabby dilutetabby

Brown Patched and Brown Patched Tabby and White: Our patched tabbies also come in classic and mackerel. Patched tabbies are always female or, in rare cases, a sterile male. Sarah, pictured here, is a brown patched classic tabby and white.

Blue Tabby, Blue Tabby & White, Creme Tabby, Creme Tabby & White, Patched Blue Tabby and White: In cats, the blue and creme colors are considered dilute. Blue, while it looks more grey than brown, is the diluted form of brown, and creme is the diluted form of red. All of these colors come in classic, mackerel, and tabby patterns. Pictured here is Buddy, aka GC, RW Slava Call Me Regal, a blue spotted tabby male. Photo by Helmi Flick.

redtabby redandwhitetabby

Red Tabby: Our red tabbies also come in classic, mackerel, and spotted tabby patterns. The red classic kitten pictured is from Sarah's first litter and is already in his new home!

Red and White Tabby: Red and white cats have the same white gene as brown and white cats. This is Sunny, another one of Sarah's kittens, a red and white mackerel tabby. He was shown as a kitten before going to his new home. Note his white paw sticking out in front of him and compare him to his red tabby brother.

goldentabby classictabby

Golden Tabby and Golden Tabby & White: Golden is often confused with light and/or rufused brown cats. A true golden cat will have the black tabby banding that a brown cat has, but the rest of the hair shaft is very pale and will have apricot colored roots. A light brown tabby will be brown at the roots. Pictured here is one of Leeza's golden mackerel kittens.

Classic Tabby: Classic tabbies, also referred to as marbled or swirl, are characterized by irregular banding on the body, often with a prominent "bulls-eye" on the sides, and swirls resembling butterflies on the shoulders. Sarah is shown here again, showing off her nice bulls-eye pattern on her side.

mackereltabby spottedtabby

Mackerel Tabby: The color banding in a mackerel tabby produces vertical stripes down the body, often referred to as tiger stripes, and a dark, almost solid, stripe down the spine. Dory is shown here sporting her very distinct mackerel striping.

Spotted Tabby: Spotted is a variant of the mackerel striping. Spotted Siberian have a less solid band down the spine, and the spots will look more like a true spot than broken bands of color. Sweetie is spotted, though it's difficult to see under her lovely, thick coat!

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