Slava Jubilee, at 8 months old

Brown Patched Spotted Tabby and White

Sire: Basilic Blessing Tobias of Slava
Dam: Slava Serena

HCM Tested: Negative

GC Charodey Gabriella of Slava
Title: CFA Grand Champion

Sire: SGC (TICA) Altyn Onix Gloria of Charodey
Dam: QGC (TICA) Charodey Cinderella

HCM Tested: Negative 2022

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Future Queen: Slava It Must Be Love "Muffy"

Brown Classic Tabby and White

Sire: Sibaris Quasar of Slava
Dam: GC Charodey Gabriella of Slava

Pictured at 5 months of age. More Photos

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Unsigned photography credits: Charodey Moonlite Serenade of Slava by Chanan; Slava Butterscotch Kiss and Charodey Joshua by Preston Smith Photography;
Slava Charisma of Cyberkoshki and Slava Better Believe It by Helmi Flick

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